Our health is influenced by the environment in which we live.  We spend a significant percentage of time inside our homes, so we should take extra care to ensure that they are healthy places to be!

Learn about the 8 Principles of a Green and Healthy Home A green and healthy home is dry, clean, well-ventilated, free from contaminants, pest-free, well-maintained, and energy-efficient.

Find out if you have any hazards in your home.  Take our quiz “Is my Home Healthy” to learn about hazards in your home and steps you can take to eliminate them.

Learn tips about maintaining your home, including what time of year you should take care of routine maintenance activities. A healthy home requires regular upkeep and maintenance.

Visit our Resource Library.  Our Resource Library compiles key information of a variety of sources.  You can learn more about specific hazards as well as measures to eliminate or lessen exposure to them.