The Resource Library contains links to the information and educational resources found throughout this site.  This includes links to brochures, fact sheets, and external websites.  If you are looking for a complete list of direct services, please visit the Springfield Services webpage.

For information on resources more commonly used by families in the Springfield area, please reference our Resource Guide that includes a brief description of the service/resource and contact information. If you have any questions or recommendations, please email us with your updates, corrections or additions.

Asbestos Resources

Asthma Trigger Resources

Carbon Monoxide Resources

Energy Efficiency

Fair Housing Resources

Family Child Care Provider

Fire Resources

Foreclosure Resources

Homelessness Resources

Household Injury Resources

Lead Resources

Landlord Rights, Responsibilties, and Legal Resources

Mold & Moisture Resources

 Radon Resources

 Pests Resources

Tenant Rights, Responsibilities, and Legal Resources

Tobacco Smoke Resources

 VOC Resources