IStock_3239584MediumAs a homeowner you want to protect your investment and keep your family safe. Our homes affect our health both directly and indirectly.  Conditions like mold and pests can immediately trigger allergies or asthma.  Other hazards like radon have long-term health impacts.  Our home, including its affordability, can also impact our mental and psychological well-being.

While there are many potential hazards in our homes, there are many steps we can take to eliminate or minimize them.  Visit our home health hazard pages to learn more, including steps you can take to eliminate home health hazards.  Regular maintenance and upkeep is necessary to keep your home healthy and to prevent costly repairs down the road.  To keep your home healthy, remember to follow the principles of a healthy home: keep it dry, keep it clean, keep it pest-free, keep it well-ventilated, keep it safe, keep it contaminant-free, keep it well-maintained, and keep it energy efficient.

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