The Springfield Healthy Homes Asthma Program is launched!

Many asthma episodes are triggered by hazards in the home.   By making your home healthier, you can prevent these triggers and keep your family healthy! Our team of Community Health Workers and Healthy Housing Professionals will assist you in improving your asthma symptoms with asthma education, home assessment, and if needed, home repair. family

In this program, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand your asthma action plan
  • Use asthma medication correctly
  • Reduce asthma triggers at home
  • Reduce unwanted doctor visits and hospitalizations due to asthma

Our Health Homes Assessor will:

  • Eliminate pests
  • Improve ventilation
  • Repair leaks and remediate mold

Who Is Eligible?

  • Children on Medicaid
  • Other adults on Medicare
  • High-risk asthma:
    • One inpatient hospitalization or
    • Two emergency rooms visits in the past year
  • Renters and Homeowners

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Learn about services and resources to help make your home healthier.

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