Do you or your child suffer from asthma?

Did you visit the ER or were you hospitalized in the last year for asthma?

We are launching a pilot of the Springfield Healthy Homes Asthma Pilot,  a FREE service designed to help anyone in the family gain control of their asthma.  This is a limited pilot that will serve 10-20 families.

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The Springfield Healthy Homes Asthma Pilot progam is led by Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc. with Square One, Revitalize CDC, and Springfield Partners for Community Action.  This project will test how well different types of home services improve the health of people with asthma. People who enter into the study will receive services and materials that can be used to clean their homes and address health and safety hazards that might be present. These services and supplies include:

  • Education on asthma management including how to reduce asthma triggers at home, how to correctly use asthma medication, how to use an asthma action plan
  • Supplies including: bedding covers, green cleaning products and educational materials
  • Home assessment and services to address asthma triggers in the home

We can help you:

  • Reduce asthma symptoms
  • Reduce asthma triggers at home
  • Repair home conditions that trigger asthma
  • Learn how to correctly use asthma medication
  • Reduce unwanted doctor visits and hospitalizations

Participants will receive:

  • FREE supplies including bedding covers, green cleaning products and educational materials
  • FREE asthma related home repair if needed

Springfield Pay for Success:

This pilot will help us plan for the Springfield Healthy Homes Pay for Success project. If funded, that project will serve 600 families over 3 years.  Learn more about the Springfield Pay for Success.

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